Turning real businesses into assets of value

Duration – 12 months to 3 years

This stage is suitable for: Existing Entrepreneurs and start-ups that is ready to trade.

The incubation programme focuses on helping the entrepreneur through the tough times and messy business of building scale or critical mass in a new business.

At this stage, the incubatee who is ready to start trading or is already trading has the option to take up office and manufacturing space at the incubator (residence based incubation) or operate offsite (virtual incubation). This phase of the process is geared towards assisting the entrepreneur with the infrastructure and operational support that entrepreneurs need to move forward.

Regardless of the choice of residence or virtual incubation all incubatees can get access to operational services such as:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll management
  • HR & Industrial relations support
  • IT & Domain management support
  • Access to the incubatee portal with a variety of digital resources.
  • Access to business coaches.
  • Networking opportunities with other role-players in the industry that is vital for continued growth, development and nurturing.
  • Advocacy and industry support.

Those who choose to operate in the manufacturing technology centre during incubation, have additional benefits, including:

  • Serviced office and manufacturing space
  • Reception and limited admin support
  • Office facilities e.g. switchboard, internet network, printing services meeting and training facilities if they choose.
  • Generic onsite support from SAREBI