Turning probable businesses into real businesses

Duration – 6 to 12 months

This stage is suitable for: Entrepreneurs or start-ups that are not yet trading.

In this phase, the journey of the entrepreneur has gone beyond the ideas and conceptualisation phase. With the initial concept approved in principle, the focus now shifts to laying the ground work for a business that is ready to trade.

Using a combination of lean start-up methods and tools like the business canvass, the pre-incubation programme focuses on the overall activities needed to support the potential entrepreneur. It builds the business idea and basic business model into a fully-fledged operational business plan.

Through a series of workshops and extensive research, entrepreneurs are assisted to convert their business concept into viable business enterprises. The outcome of the pre incubation module is a working business with customers. It is not designed to write a business plan to go look for funding, it puts entrepreneurs behind the cash register ready to trade. If you rare committed and ready, let us know.